Sunday, June 23, 2013

I did it whoo yay/visitors from the east


Set my alarm and got up at around 10ish, and then spent the rest of the day in front of the computer animating. Drew more assets. Scanned them. Edited them. I did spend some time talking to Alana and I got some ice cream. Nums. Late in the day, After Effects crashed when I was a bit too enthusiastic with adjusting a position curve whilst zoomed in. So I got a nice little chunk of time to freak out. I crawled into bed at 4, with all the sequences done in large part, with only a few touch ups. It was a long frustrating day, and I hope to not repeat it.


Slugged out of bed at 10ish and had some tea and got to work. There was tweaking to do (the karate chop scene was key) and colored art to insert and other edits. It lasted a few hours but dang I got all the rendered pieces to Carmen in time! We did it! What a ridiculous turn around but it was turned aroooound!

And right when I got them all to her, Kevin and his friend Yue pulled into town. Kevin as in Komatsu Japan Kevin. He is doing a coast brewery tour, and was cruising through town so we met up and went to Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery. Janet has a growler, so we filled that up with their seasonal IPA. A really nice lavender/dandelion smelling beer. We all got food, Kevin and I shared a sampler of the brewskies. It was a nice little victory luncheon. We parted ways as they headed north (Yue was designated driver for the stretch between here and the brewery up above San Francisco, I forget which one). I took a nap with Joey. Then I went and got shampoo and piles of much needed groceries. Had a bit thing of tea. Started watching Bob's Burgers. Feeling really good right now.

I don't know when the video will drop online, but it shall be soon. There might be a bit of tweaking, but I know that it premiered tonight so that is super cool.

Next week I'm just going to take it every kind of easy.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the success of all your hard work. Have fun at the Gaiman reading. So cool. hugs, mum