Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I stand with Wendy

Did you guys see Wendy Davis' filibuster? I came home from work, heard that this Senator was doing a filibuster to block voting on an anti-abortion bill and I was absolutely riveted the instant I pulled up the livestream. The shouting of the crowd to block the vote as Wendy's right to filibuster was pulled from her. The voting AFTER Midnight, which was the cutoff. Just a radical bit of politics, holy cow! I really hope they don't pass the bill in this utmost slimy way. Major props to Wendy for being on her feet and without food or relief for 13 hours! Amazing woman.

And during all that I ate dinner and working on final animation revisions.

We ran four different shirt jobs at work! The front on one, the front and back on another, the front on a third, and the front and back on these sweaters. Nice and productive. And I found time to coat all those screens.

Solid big full day.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a brief news clip about Wendy & Texas. Thanks for the full report. Good for you for standing with this heroine for women's rights. What a world! xoxomum