Friday, June 28, 2013

three day weekend extravaganza begin!!

The final little revision is done! Whew! But that feels good. It's all done. The video should be online really soon. Hurray!

We ran a job that had a ridiculous amount of shirts ordered for the amount of effort that it took to print. They really need to order more shirts. I taped screens. I sweated my tookus off. Cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Finished The Five Red Herrings. Damn it was hot. The day ended relatively early in terms of immediate tasks, but I stuck around a but and removed the tape and excess ink from the huge stack of screens. They are now waiting for all the ink to removed and then reclaimed! Odds are that will be my Monday.

Three day weekend! Neil Gaiman tomorrow! I'll probably be spending the night in The City, so expect a report from me Saturday night.

Ohhh I'm excited! Should probably leave around 3/4ish. I'll still sleep in. That'll be nice.

Now I'm going to watch some new television and then tuck into bed.

Also got a very nice letter from Serenity. She is so nice.

Annnnd I treated myself to some more Adagio tea blends + a tea brewer thingy as a reward for finishing the video. I should be set on tea for the time being. Mmmm tea. I want more tea in my life, and I shall have it!

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