Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neil Gaiman is awsome


I was so excited to sleep in but it just didn't happen! Took the day off work and toodled around. Had breakfast. Had a bunch of my new tea that arrived today! It ships quick. I love my new tea brewing thingy. It steeps and then you put it on top of a mug and the tea comes out of the bottom and the leaves are separated. Really cool gizmo. Anyway. I put on my loudest top and I packed up my things and headed out at around 3:15. Traffic was horrid on 101! So much slow going and then stop and go once I got into San Francisco. I didn't get into the parking garage till 5:30ish! The line for the theater went down a couple blocks and wrapped around the block. So many people for Neil Gaiman. I struck up a conversation with the guy behind me in line, Anderson. Pretty nice chap. His friend Susan arrived in line too, and she was really nice. Some people on tour buses asked who we were waiting for. "A band?" "A writer!" When Anderson, Susan and I got into the theater, we ended up sitting together on the mezzanine. It was a nice vantage point, and we were right on the edge so we could lean over and spit on the front row (we didn't do that).

Neil Gaiman came onto the stage to massive cheers, and when he made a little “shhhh" motion and everyone went silent in seconds. Amazing. He talked, he read from The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Fortunately, The Milk, and answered questions. All of it was enjoyable and lovely and just all around great.

The signs said “no photography or film" but they DIDN’T say no sketching. Okay granted it is really difficult to sketch in the dark of a theater from a far off point of view, but I gave it my best, though I could never figure out how to draw his hair. At 8:20 he started signing, and the theater put people into line based on seating section, which was awesome! Being up high and clearly far back in the signing time frame, I had the chance to go get something to eat and hang out with Steve a bit (who came downtown). I was so hungry and the pizza really hit the spot.

It also gave me the time to chat with Susan and Anderson about such topics as speculative fiction, Ramachandran, travel, eye brows, and all sorts of things. Really cool people to sit and chat with. Much better than standing in line for hours and hours. And my oh my were the signing staff efficient! They had people getting the names on sticky notes, then the to be signed materials were handed down the line to someone who opened it to the correct page, so that all Neil had to do was sign and interact (not that interacting with several hundred different people in a few hours is an easy task). While sketching the signing line, I found that when I drew someone at the back by the time I finished, their stuff was already signed and they were off the stage! Amazing!

I got into the line at 11:40 and I was through at 11:59. Neil and I had the briefest of interactions. He saw my name and I spluttered out a “my parents are big Hitchhiker’s Guide fans" and he said “Nice to meet you Trillian" and in my book there is a little heart (along with his signature and my name). He looked very tired, but oh so understandably so. He took breaks, sure, but damn he signed for hours! I hope some day I get to meet him again, but I don’t know what exactly I’ll say. It was an amazing night for memories both new and old.

I met up with Steve again after the signing, and I drove us back to his place in Daly City. It was nice to sleep there instead of driving all the way down to Santa Cruz.


Steve and I got brunch at Boulevard Cafe in Daly City. I had the eggs benedict and they hit the spot. Not the best that I've had, but they were pretty good. From there we went to the ocean and walked along the bluffs for a little while. I got sand in my shoes and the back of my arm and my back is a bit pink from the sun exposure. It was a nice mellow day of hanging out and enjoying the sunshine. I was melting yesterday as I drove up to San Francisco. 99 degrees! No good for lil me!

I returned to Santa Cruz at around 5:20ish and set about scanning my sketchbook. I finished my current one off whilst sketching the Neil Gaiman signing. It's so exciting and fulfilling to start a new one. Have to have some more adventures soon!

Tomorrow I shall read The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Maybe I'll sit in the sun and read. Get some rays. That'll be nice.

Things are good.

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