Thursday, June 27, 2013

I want to buy more Adagio teas..damn they are tasty

I'm all caught up on Bob's Burgers so I guess I'll go to sleep or something. Boo.

At work my bosses kid took over my job for a little while. Just the catching shirts part of the job. Hopefully I have a few years before I'm elbowed out entirely, still he stopped after about 5 minutes. At least my work ethic is better than that.

We ran plenty more shirts today. Did the fronts and backs on a doozy of a shirt to line up. And another front. Burned some screens. Andrew cut patch fabric. A shorter day, which was nice to have.

I finished another round of edits on the video. Hopefully the FINAL final edits. We shall seeeee.

And I watched Bob's Burgers. Whoo!

Relaxing tiiiime. Though I think I have other stuff to do..err

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