Saturday, November 6, 2010

ma and pa hurray

Since pop gave me grief for writing at 3am, I'll do it at 7:42 pm! Ha!

Got up at 11. My alarm officially does not work. Need to replace it. It has served me well for probably 7 years now. It works as a clock still, just the alarm function isn't worth a hill of beans.

Anyway, had some left overs. Had some tea. Took out the trash and recycling. Did the dishes. At 2pm I wandered over to Trader Joe's and got some snacks for mom and dad (Candy Cane Joe-Joes are IN STOCK! Loooove them!). Then I walked from 21st down to 6th. Turns out it only takes thirty minutes to make the journey, so with time to spare I sat and listened to my audio book. The train came in, along with ma and pa!

Yaaay! They brought me cereal AND special apple juice. Hurrah. We maxed it over to their hotel (on the other side of the river) and dropped stuff off, and then maxed it right back. Wandered up to my studio, showed them the studios, then went to Ace Hardware where I got powertools! Specifically a power drill and a nice set of bits and a new alarm. Dropped that stuff off at the apartment. And then we went down to Melt for dinner. I had a beef dip with fries, dad has beef deep with salad, mom ordered a bunch of appetizers. And since ma had a light dinner, she ordered a bunch of dessert. Well ice cream and a cupcake. Yum. So much food.

It was raining, which isn't pleasant at all. Oh well. After dinner, we called a cab and ma and pa returned to the hotel. Tomorrow they are meeting with Sylvia earlier in the day, and then later we'll go see So You Think You Can Dance!!

Now to work on thesis or whatever.

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