Wednesday, November 3, 2010

senior year is brutal, turns out

It's late. I'm tired. It was a nerve wrecking day.

I forgot that I had to do a spot illustration with my main one. Needs some digital color, but I like the way they look. One is sort of like a fruit sticker, the other is larger, but has an awkward hand...err oh well.

Phone alarm went off, and I got up and ate and was really productive! I sort of got caught up on this essay that I thought I had to do but really didn't. But my slide show was pulled together. And then class started and it got pulled apart. Eerr. Yeah. It was a harsh day. Our presentation slides start with what we want to do, then our relevant influences, and finally our work. My influences we over well. My presentation of my idea was shoddy and needs specifications and development and all this stuff. I have the idea in a sentence, but I need it to last for 8-10 minutes of conversation. Specifications and all this stuff need to be fleshed out in a major way. Also need concept art. And a sample. And I need to expand the portfolio. This is what November is for. November is for finalizing and...doing and practicing. Jennifer Hayes had a great thesis presentation. But further vocalization of ideas was a current throughout. There were a lot of crossed wires in communication and nerves. It was tense and Iskra tore into us. She doesn't hold back, and unfortunately it isn't a good venue to defend yourself or come back at some of her claims. Such as some crap about books being dead in 10 years, and calling Dom's work "stoner art". We had 10 minutes a pop, and they were a jam packed 10 minutes.

I slipped Martin a note asking him to be my mentor. He laughed at the novelty of it and passed it back to me with yes circled. That is how I roll.

But yeah, class was just...not fun. But we know what needs to be done and I feel the heat to get it clearer. I know that I need to spend a lot of time writing about the different points I want to touch on. My writing thus far is really garbled. I think I need to section the ideas off and write about each one exclusively. The aspect of gifts. The aspect of friendships. The aspect of mantras. Right now I think I am saying 20 things at once and none of it comes out well.

Oh, Beth has a nice looking proposal thingy.

I stuffed sushi down my gob during break, talked to Karen, got some 50% off candy, and did yoga. Sivonna even joined! It was a good stretching yoga. Afterwards I chatted with Jon and Dom in the studios about a range of topics.

Then I went home. Drank some tea. Watched some stuff. Drew some stuff. Then several hours later, when checking the assignment specs, I realized I had to draw more stuff. I also have to bring props in for animation. Props bode well for fun having.

Thursday can't come sooner.

Looking at this piece, the proportions are all whack. Holy crap. Like, really off. The elbow is at the belt. And it is inked already. Damnit. Too late now. If I don't get it, I don't get it. Still a good piece actually, and it isn't even colored.

Also, we are going to have a New Years Party in the apartment. Mighty Boosh themed. If I'm in town, I think I'll go as Naboo. Turbans are in.

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