Friday, November 5, 2010

gah Lacey is so talented

I like Thursdays. They are good relaxing days. Got up. Had a scramble. Need to get some cheese to make my scramble extra delicious.

Dried and put away the dishes.

Chilled. Relaxed. Kicked it. You know, that old diddy.

Went to school for a meeting with Martin. The advising meeting, which isn't totally needed now that I'm this far along (this is more for Freshmen and Sophomores). But anyway, talked to him about thesis a little bit and looked at my animations and some pieces I've done. It went quick and off I went back home. Relaxed. Snacked. Then went to see Lacey's show at the Gann Brothers. It was her thesis show and it was one night only, but still, a thing to attend anyway. It was mostly just Karen and Lacey and I, but the Gann brothers came and went and a few people stopped by. It is sort of out of the way and November isn't the best month for First Thursday.

I left at 7:45ish, after munching on cheese, meat, and crackers. Watched another funny episode of Community. Watched Fringe. Then I watched Near Dark. Not as good as I was expecting it to be, but oh well. Now I don't know what I'll do. Tomorrow I'll clean up the place and go to yoga and write up my thesis stuff.

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