Sunday, June 12, 2016

too little cooks

Yesterday was a fun bout of errands! I returned that player with no fuss, went to Seabeck and rifled through the house while talking to Ma and Dad let me borrow his player. And they let me have the Far Side collection! Yay! And I picked up my box of Trilly Stuff. Then I went to Bremerton and hung out at Bremerton Letterpress Company with Karen and Marit and Lily. Cute little baby. We cuddled a bit and she didn't wail and was generally a good little baby. Gave out a couple zines. Swung by Trader Joe's and bought supplies for my potluck dish for the wedding. Going to try to make strawberry shortbread! Spoiler alert: the biscuits didn't work so now it's strawberries and whipped cream.

At home I drew the comic and chilled and played some vidya games.

Today I dozed and talked to Celia and tidied house a little and did laundry and failed at making biscuits. Tried three recipes! But I think my cream substitution was sabotaging me and it was too late in the day to go buy milk. But I think strawberries prepared with a dash of OJ and sugar, topped with fresh whipped cream would make a nice little side dessert. There might be a pie for it to go on top of. I'd rather that than show up with storebought biscuits.

Now I've drawn out the map (I'm taking the exit you suggest pops) and made note of what to do tomorrow. So it's off to bed with me! Don't want to get out of here too late. There's a two hour window to arrive, set up tent, and get to the ceremony. Which is pretty good, but I don't want to risk it. Who knows what Sunday traffic will be like? I'm happy I have a portable phone charger. My a/c charger in my car never seems to work.

See y'all on Monday!

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