Tuesday, June 14, 2016

punk rock wedding

I'm tired! But for the reason of my arms being sore from whipping cream by hand, which is not advised to do TWICE but I still did it. Anyway, day before yesterday I had a disaster of a day trying to get biscuits/shortbread biscuits to work. Only one recipe is edible, but it was this square one that yielded nine and I made it at the end of the day (the third recipe, or was it fourth?) and didn't have enough ingredients to keep going. There were too many factors and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. No clue what to do with a ton of dry icky biscuits. Mulch? Beyond that I assembled stuff for the wedding trip and talked to Celia a bit. At the end of the day I decided to just chop the strawberries, add in sugar and some orange juice and serve that with whipped cream for a little dessert.

Got a later than I'd like start to leaving for the wedding, but it all turned out all right. Packed in tent and cooler and food and clothes and water and I headed on down. An easy drive down, little traffic. Listened to NPR and it's truly tragic what happened in Orlando, and legislators just keep saying thoughts and prayers instead of taking action to stop gun violence. Why is it so easy to get guns in this country? It's horrible. Horrible to attack people in a sanctuary where they can be themselves with their people. Uhggg.

Glad I could spend today celebrating love. Or yesterday rather.

I set up a tent in one of the adirondacks clusters, but outside away from them. Some people had set up tents INSIDE the adirondacks, but I guess it does help keep the bugs away. I ran into Sivonna and Matt right as I was done, and joined them in getting to the lodge for the ceremony on time. But the ceremony started a bit late. We all had a beer and chatted. There were not as many people as I recognized at the wedding (Heather and Daniel couldn't make it, and the PNCA print cohort was few in recognizable numbers) so it ended up being a bit awkward for me because I only had a handful of people to chat with. There were lots of oddballs and punks and goths and alternative people. It was a very diverse crowd. The venue was a campground and there was a lodge that opened out with a view of the lawn, which was large and went down an incline. A large open space, really great. And the weather was hot! The ceremony was short and sweet. They came out from around the large fireplace in the lodge to the theme from 2001, and the officient gave their shpeal and vows were read and a cute toddler kept asking "NOW???" in wait for her ring bearer cue.

It was great! After the ceremony, food was on. It was a massive potluck with a huge array of food from vegan to a lamb that was slow roasted over a fire (seriously, it was on an iron cross over a bit and it was brutal looking and oh it was SO delicious!). I whipped up my cream and got in line. I just piled my plate with carbs and veggies and lamb and sweets and more and more and more and just stuffed it in my face all together. It was scrumptious. And I went back for dessert which just about did me in. I talked to Yoshi and Christy and Abra and Palmarin and...I think that's the people I knew that were there. Had another beer or two and did my second whipping of cream during the speeches (which I was in earshot of). People got a kick out of me whippin' it. The speeches were funny and moving. Really just great. The weather cooled a bit and I put on my jacket. The first band was Satanarchist and it was ... not to my taste. During the second band I went to my tent and had a bit of a nap (the band was death metal and I could hear it just fine in my tent). I got up for the third band and decided to go home, as I wasn't cut out for ~3 more hours of shindig and music and socializing. Especially since the majority of people I knew had left/gone to their tent. I just wasn't blending with the crowd and I didn't (early on) feel like getting so drunk that I overcome it. But I did catch (after my nap, before the third band) the pinata being burst open. And the third band, Vice Device, was awesome! I was only intending to stay for a bit, but I ended up sticking around for their whole set. Really great sort of...I dunno...synthy music? I can't describe tunes but they were great. Then I hugged the couple goodbye, packed up the remainder of my food (I used the yellow serving dish with the lid) and returned to my car. Packed up and headed out. Glad I did set up the tent, as I had a place to nap and retreat to. And glad I went home at night because it was clear, both the road and the weather. It was rather stormy today.

Still, I had fun!

And today my arms are sore from the whisking. So sore. I dozed. I cleaned up a bit. I... oh I forgot to empty out my car. Oh well, it's nothing that can't wait. Just camping supplies. I got three days of work, then three days of not work, then four days of work again. Ready to get back into it!

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