Saturday, June 18, 2016

baby party

 Thanks for the info about the propane lamp, mum! I only burned it for an hour but that's good to know.

Work on Thursday was good. Ginger and I busted out three turns, two fluffs (someone tucked in two stuffed frogs in their bed it was very cute) and laundry and floors. Ginger managed the laundry and I folded what remained at the end. A busy, productive day! I helped halfway check a couple in (the room wasn't quite ready). After work I went to Goodwill and browsed for some time. I found a cute dress, a green track jacket, and a cowboy print shirt. Nice finds all in all. Also there was a totally ridiculous dress that scootched so high up and didn't fit right in most places.

After Goodwill, I went to my coworker Erin's for her sons 1st birthday. A shindig I wouldn't think I'd attend a few years ago but I ended up having a great time! Her husband Ben (who looks like Anthony Roberto) made some very good beef & elk burgers and I talked to lots of nice people. There were lots of around one year olds, but they were all pleasant and happy and almost no crying. The babies were Fred, Henry, Lily (different Lily), Forrest, Anders, and..I think that's it? I met Erin's brother Paul and Erin's friend Dan who delivers mail. And there was cake! It was nice. I asked baby questions and no one seemed like a hyper psycho parent. Odd how one grows.

At home I took a nap and just fell asleep super hardcore.

I have a three day weekend!! And I'm not planning on going anywhere. Today I dozed fitfully, played lots of Faster Than Light (did I mention I beat the Rebel Flagship??? That's the boss! And I beat it!!). My computer kept overheating. I worked on dishes. I made a to do list. Took out the compost. Watered some plants. Have other organizing to be done. I can probably thin my closet a bit because I won't be needing the heavy coats for many months.

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