Wednesday, June 15, 2016

doggy kisses

 Yesterday was deep cleaning with Ginger. I tackled the bathroom and scrubbed the fan and shower and all sorts. And tried to scrub the heating vent but got a shock while cleaning the grime from the part that said warning high voltage. Oops. I moved chairs to prepare for doing the floors the next day and did pre-flights and closed up.

I walked down to The Rose and saw The Lobster, which was weird and good and not something I'd recommend save for a select few. Like, it's very weird and acutely violent in a few parts and just...bizarre. You gotta be open to those kinds of movies. I got popcorn and a nettle syrup gin fiz. Decorated the popcorn with hickory, yeast, a bit of cheese. Super good. But yeah, the movie. Beautifully shot, darkly funny and also dark, and a great cast. I had a ... good isn't the right work but I certainly had a time that I was glad to experience.

After the showing I walked around the Orlando Pride gathering at the fountain. There were rainbow flags draped over the rim of the fountain making an O shape. I didn't stay for the vigil or whatever it was, but I did look at the posted list of names. They were so young. It's not right.

Back at home I drew the comic and neglected my dishes.

I was solo this shift, and by myself for most of it. I did a thorough go at the floors top to bottom, and did a little bit of laundry, and doubly checked the rooms, and watered plants on the veranda, and pet Liesl. After lunch I did a few deep clean items on Study and there were SCUFF MARKS ON THE CEILING! How???

After work I went and forked over the cash and got two new tires stuck on my car. Went to Les Schwab which was slightly more expensive than I remember Wal Mart being but has the benefit of NOT being Wal Mart, in town, and had more free things included with the purchase of the tires. It wasn't a catastrophic amount and now I don't have to worry about my two Oklahoma City bought tires skidding out. They'd be unable to get a grip and two rainy stop signs thus far.

At home I played FTL, watched telly, drew comic, and now I'm tired so nighty night.

Oh, and I'm working the 4th of July.

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