Friday, June 10, 2016


 Kinda depressing more personal comic to start the blog off on, yes?

But sometimes you can't be all goofy. Sorry for lack of blog but I've been working and didn't feel like it. Uhm. I worked a medium shift, then a short shift, then a longer shift! I turned rooms, I pulled weeds, I double teamed with Ginger and we got five rooms done in under five hours. I got a bahn mi because I was lazy. Love that sammich. Weather got hot then chilled off for a few days. I drew. I played vidya games. I ate otter pops.

And yesterday I had my mp3 player in my pocket and I accidentally washed it in haste to get my sweater in the washer. And now a good replacement is hard to find. That player had excellent options and could save places in podcasts and audiobooks. Turns out few players do that these days. I got one on the way home (well I went out of my way to Sequim to get it, and a portable phone recharger because I don't want to get caught with a dead phone) and it has a pedometer which is cool, but the interface is garbage. The music stops if you exit the music menu, there's no shuffle or play all it's just....really bad. So I'm going to return it on my errands run today. I hate returning things but I think I can hold out sans mp3 player for a week or so (and use my phone for driving tunes).

Unless Ma still has that one I gave her (which isn't so great but better than other options).
So today: return player at the Poulsbo Office Max. Go to Seabeck and pick up my mail/maybe mp3 player. Go to Bremerton and get comics. See Karen for a bit. Go back through Trader Joe's and get food. Home! Chill!

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Lisa Pedersen said...

Those personal appearance comments deserve both a "Boo 2 u 2" and a "Chuck you, Farley!" Besides, you can make yourself beautiful or cute with make-up skills and comic skills. Personally, I think "beautiful" women get victimized by society big-time. Well, so do too fat, too skinny, too plain, too big bazooms, not enough bazooms, same with butt...so teedjous.

By the way, you should nae use a propane lantern indoors. It off-gasses carbon monoxide. You could asphixiate yourself.