Tuesday, June 7, 2016

sweet frozen sugar water

Back to work! And I was on laundry, the most brutal of the shifts. Lots of stairs, lots of time minding, lots of constant go go go because if you're not go go going, you've done the timing wrong. Still wound up with the duvet tumbling wet at the end of my shift. Needed to get it into the wash sooner. I could also delay sheets a bit? Towels didn't start coming out till the end of the shift. There were six sets of sheets to be washed! And six rooms worth of laundry! SO MUCH!

And my curry is a'ight. Chicken a bit dry and the rice is undercooked, but it's still edible and tasty.

After the exhaustion I took a long nap at home and planted this lavender I got at work and spread out some mulch on the front porch garden. Drew. Watched the new three part adaptation of And Then There Were None. Relaxed. Now it's nighty night time.

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