Sunday, April 17, 2016

work hard, play hard. but like not the 100% most fun kind of play hard

 ARHHHG wow the past 48 hours have been manic.

Went to work on Saturday and swung by USPS in the morning to pick up whatever had arrived that the yellow slip in my box indicated...
 And it was my new monitor! I safely tucked it into my trunk with whatever padding I could find. I didn't want it breaking on the drive, but it seemed pretty well styrofoamed in it's box. It arrived much earlier than I was expecting it to! I hadn't the time to clear the desk or any of that. But hey, it's here!

Work was a long shift and also very frazzling. Errands took the bosses out of the Inn and traffic kept them away, so I was left to check people in!!! I also had to pick up the croissants from Pan D'Amore for the next mornings breakfast. And get two rooms ready for check in. And manage laundry. And I managed it. The guests arrived in the order of which the rooms were ready for them, I ran down the intro and got them to their rooms. I think I showed giddy confidence, but also mentioned they were like...my second (and third and fourth) people I had ever checked in. But I got some good laughs with my quips. Yeah. And when my bosses returned and I was all @_@ they were very appreciative. I'm a MVP employee and if you let me work, I will work.

I dragged my weary body down to Pho Thao and ordered Bahn Mi and spring roles and Vietnamese iced milk coffee. I devoured the Bahn Mi. It was SO GOOD!! Such a tasty sandwich. I ate all my food. Member of the clean plate club, I am!

Then I made my way over for Dungeons and Dragons, which was a bit less fun this time. Very hectic and not a lot of planning and two people died in the first 20 minutes because they investigated this lake turtle. Oops. I'm not learning as much as I'd like and I keep fumbling because I do things wrong and there's not enough opportunity for me to really play through my character. I wish it was a smaller group. I gave Diana a ride home, they weren't that far out so it's all good.

Got home at midnight which wasn't the best decision because I had a breakfast shift! I think I could have skipped this game of D&D but I'm really bad at commitment, in both it takes me a while to commit to anything and that when I do commit I MUST DO IT. Missing out causes me a lot of anxiety. I need to allow myself to miss things.

Anyway, the breakfast shift was less of a hustle than I expected. An even flow of dishes and everything scrubbed up well. I turned three rooms after than and Erin did the beds and I listened to a lot of the You Must Remember This podcast, which is awesome. Old Hollywood stories. But by the end I was very tired.

Once home I took a 2 hour nap, which when you come home from a breakfast shift makes the nap happen 3-5 pm.

Awake, I cleared everything off the desk from my scanner to the left. I wiped down the desk with this grapefruit cleaner I bought that's nice and I cleaned up the cobwebs behind the desk and evicted a few spiders (I'm afraid to remove the left speaker because I saw a doozie of a spider come out of the side of the desk and eat a fly). I also emptied one of the drawers that was full of Grandma's old stationary. I didn't trash it! It is in a tub! My bed is pretty thick with the moved clutter, but it's a first step. I keep writing down what I want to do but I do think I'll get to where I want to be soon. Just having the cleaner bathrooms and the visual of the clearer desk makes my mind more at rest. If I can get the rest out and sorted, then it'll be even better!

So I got the new monitor up! It's an Asus LCD monitor with built in speakers and it's 23" and since I put the power strip behind the desk on the window sill, my wire management is much better! Before all the wires were coming down the front and to the left. And with the old speakers gone (not thrown out) there's even more space. It's really nice, and my screen has so much room for stuff to happen. I'm very happy with this purchase, now just remind me to mail off that rebate so I get some moolah back. Yippee!

And now I think I'm going to game a little on the gaming laptop. I don't have a way to dual monitor it with my new monitor, BUT it's got a big screen and overtime I'll deck that computer out with the same programs and eventually duplicate files so that it will be a backup if the HP goes fully kapoot.

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