Saturday, April 23, 2016

and I didn't break a shovel this time

I had a pretty full and busy and productive day today! Ended up not leaving the house, well I did go to Quilcene but not further errands.

I got up earlier than usual and got through my internet rounds at a good hour, so I got to being productive. I washed and put away the dishes. I went to Henerey's in Quilcene and bought three bags of potting soil. I did flower seedling starts in the seedling tray and repotted one of the jades and the pretty flower. I don't want to throw that little flower to the garden beds just yet. It can look nice in a bigger pot for now. In the garden I dug out the back bed. Anything that looked like a nice plant was relocated to the perpendicular back bed, and the rest was tossed aside. There were oodles of not nice looking mushrooms in the bed too. I dug it, turned the soil, added turn, turned it some more. I removed the carrots from the bean bed and put soil in there and added the peas. Put carrots in the open bed spaces. Put the catnip in the spargle bed and the anemone, candytuft, tim curry plant, and the two dahlias in the refreshed flower garden bed. I sprinkled the poppy seeds in the open areas. That'll be Trillian's Pretty Bed provided everything grows and looks nice. I finished up right as it started to rain a bit. And in a few weeks I can move in the seedlings!

From there I took on the upstairs. I filled boxes with books and the two shelves are all cleared out. I sorted through the clutter and got a fire going and burned the burnables. There's still a lot of sorting to be done but it looks SO MUCH better. I just need to figure out the sorting system, and I already have a few designated areas (like the sketchbook pile and I repurposed the inbox esque tray as a place to put my unsorted art that turns up in the piles. I'm making real steps to reshape my space and it feels great. I think now that I'm aware I have a higher stamina for things, I am more wont to get things done. Like I know I can garden for a few hours and not be totally wiped out.

Also my Swatch is available for $25 less on Amazon than on the main Swatch website like...??? why is it so low? I think if I can't get mine fixed, I'll just save up and buy a second one because I wore the watch today for old times sake and was reminded of just how great a watch it is in terms of simple readability, fit, weight. All that. I just can't trust other watches to fit comfortably nor do I like any other watch face as much as this one. And the Amazon price is barely more than those Timex's I was looking at, so like...why get something you maybe like when you know you'll like something else? So yeah. Once PUD is paid and rent is paid and phone bill is paid...I'll see where I'm at.

Also I need to save for Linework. But I know the watch style isn't suddenly going to be discontinued/was discontinued. So no rush.

ALSO I start a lot of paragraphs in the same way, huh?

AAALLLSOOOO I seem to be writing more in this blog than I did for a long while. I guess there is more to report on as I'm getting my life together and doing different stuff everyday.

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