Saturday, April 23, 2016

bee happy

Work was a full day. Turned two rooms, fluffed another two. Did the powder room aka the employee bathroom, and the floors, and checked in a guest, and took cookies out of the oven, and did the office (which always takes longer than I think it will) and... yeah! And some laundry too. We got a new hire! Haven't worked with her yet but I will soon. I dressed for warm weather but it turned cold and gray. Oh well.

I swung by the watch repair to double check in person that it absolutely wasn't the battery and asked again about sending it in to Swatch for repairs. The people in the shop were very nice and yeah I need to send it in for repairs as it is something internal, if I want to do that. Timex has some nice watches in an affordable ranger. I really want to wear a watch again because now I need to be a bit more timely and a watch on the wrist is better than always craning for wherever the clock is in the room. Need to find out what will cost more: repair or a new watch.

I went to Henerey's and bought one big bag of the potting soil that was priced under $4, the rest of the big bags were costly. I bought a few smaller bags for seedling starts and repotted, and a seedling starter tray, and some dahlia tubers, and some other seeds. I may not have all the pretty flowers blooming this year, but hopefully they'll get growing. Then I returned to Whitney's and bought that Golden Spirit Smoketree I admired so much. The leaves are so tender looking. I can't wait to see it change colors.

At home I dumped the dirt into some of the raised beds. Wasn't a thick coverage, but it's a start. Don't know if I'll plant something in it tomorrow or wait and see if I can get a few more bags of dirt and a lower price. I put my smoketree with the rest of the to be planted plants.

Dinner was a big ol' potful of pasta with alfredo and the last of the shrimp. I didn't eat it all but I ate a lot. I washed my jeans, I drew a comic, I watched tv, I wrote a letter confirmed Caroline and Gary are a couple.

AND PETRA SENT ME A CROCHETED BEE!!! It's so cute! It's got a little stinger and everything. I have the best friends.

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