Thursday, April 21, 2016

despite not being in the comics, mom was here too

Spent my weekend working on the garden! Woohoo! Though yesterday was pretty mellow. Ma & Pa visited and stayed the night. Dad went oyster shucking and I stood out in the water eating chips. Nice level of warmth and cooling. We grilled hot dogs and it was pretty nice. After a dinner of salad and chicken and cauliflower and hollandaise sauce, we played Careers! A game from 1965 where you come up with a formula for success and try to achieve it. And I won!! Though it was tricky to get the fame points in my formula. The game had some old timey sexism but it was pretty well balanced.

Morning was PEOTWHAMC and coffee Trillian style, which is to say undrinkable if you're mom but good if you're dad. Then we got to gardening! We pulled the weeds out of the bean trellis bed and out of two more beds, really over turned the soil! I planted some potatoes that had gone to seed and now one whole bed is the potato bed. Afterwards we went to Whitney Gardens and walked around admiring the rhododendrons and ... other plants. Rhodys are one of the few I can really identify. Then we picked up a catnip and an anemone and a cottonpuff ball and a marigold and... one other. Bee friendly plants! I need to get some dirt to top dress the planting beds, and I want to go back to Whitney and buy a Golden Spirit Smoke Tree. It needs a special custom raised box because there's oodles of not good dirt on the property, but that's good because then I can put it wherever I want and I want it out front so I can get a nice seasonal plant among the evergreens. It'll look so pretty!

After the plant field trip we ate sandwiches and hugged goodbye. Dad has been working on the stairs. Good hard working dad!

I took a little rest, then dyed my hair and watched telly and drew a comic. Now it's to sleep with me because I work tomorrow. And the 23rd is free but I plan to garden and maybe go see Karen and stuff. Oh that reminds me, I need to update my calendar with my new work days.

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