Saturday, August 1, 2015

the 2015 Seattle Art Fair

What an amazing wonderful fun filled day!

My alarm went off at 6:45am. Did not like that one bit. I rolled out of bed at 7:15ish and got showered and made up and put on a nice dress and coordinated my jewelry on the gold side of my collection annnndd I took out my earrings and put on the geometric triangular ones with abstract dangly bits. I think I can declare my ear healed!

Poured out some cheerios and headed out to Bremerton. Got to Karen's with plenty of time to go to the ferry. We walked from her place, much easier than dealing with driving. Today we were going to the 2015 Seattle Art Fair! Which was in the Century Link Exhibition Hall. Lots of galleris bringing art to represent. New art, old art, big sculptures, interactive things. Heather was there representing the gallery she manages/works for Upfor Gallery, and she scored us a couple VIP passes! So rad.

We caught the 9:45, and arrived at the center shortly after it opened. I had a hot dog on the ferry and split some fries with Karen at a food truck just outside the center. Then in we went! Daniel (of Heather and Daniel) was there too. Ahhh the hall was massive, but not crowded! Just the right amount of people were there to create an interesting variety of fashion, but not enough to hinder art access.

There was what I believe to be a Murakami, not a Koonz.

All three Wyeths were represented.

There were so many women artists. Enough that when you saw a painting and saw it was by a woman, it didn't stand out as being one out of 80, ya know?

I treated myself to a deluxe coffee, which has grass fed butter as the cream component. It was so smooth and delicious! Some of the best coffee I've had in a while. Daniel let me have a few bites of his french toast doughnut.

Karen and I got to chat briefly with one artist: Regina Scully, Very dynamic work. Lively, confidant, fun, interesting color schemes. And also almost affordable! There were 500k pieces in the hall, so seeing one for 3k was reasonable. It made me think more about the print I'm adding to my collection and how stoked I am for it.

Also represented and memorable: Masami Teraoka's contemporary Japanese woodblock prints, Popel Coumou's gentle surrealist landscapes, Dutin Yellin's collage work that was layered between sheets of glass which created a three dimensional object when all pressed together. Really something to behold and walk around and look into. The Eulogy by Patricia Piccinini was this very realistic sculpture of a man holding a blobfish. I saw Piccinini's The Hug at the Frye back in 2007. Nice little memory/call back. I took a silly picture with The Eulogy, because I'm a goober. Andrew Stevovich had some great paintings. Very nicely framed with distinct figures. Al Farrow's Wrath & Reverence was a concept we've seen before but executed in the most perfect manner. So perfect that it was refreshed and intelligent. Yeah. Some really good work.

We sat and chatted with Daniel for a bit in the middle of the day, then at the end we got tacos at a food card (me one veggie one shrimp, Karen two veggie and an empanada) and Daniel walked us to the 3pm ferry (Karen had stuff to do). We had a nice journey back. Lots of talk of the new future and what it may or may not bring. I picked up my comic box in the blessedly air conditioned comic shop and went home. Traffic was a bit of a bummer, though no major slow downs. Just cars a plenty.

I watered plants and now it's late and I must sleep. Tomorrow I''ll tidy up and go dog sit! And when I come back, Brynne will be here.

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