Tuesday, July 28, 2015

birds, dead & injured

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday! I've gotten behind again.

Sunday was the only really big day. Mom's birthday!

Celia came over just before 10 to start the cake for Mom's birthday. I put on an episode of Chopped and we got to assembling! The wings got shortened and stacked, and the chocolate was cut to a thinner body. The original (spoiler: we were making a cake shaped like a dead bird, with it's legs up. I spent the night making chocolate legs out of melted chocolate squeezed out onto a baking sheet and frozen) body design was much bigger and flatter. My cake turned out a bit dry, and Celia said hers was a bit flat. But it's the thought that counts! The icing was homemade butter cream. We couldn't get it to look like a blue marlin, so me made a green and blue and white bird with chocolate feathers. A bit overkill, but it looked great! We put it into the fridge at noon, right before Ma & Pa were set to initially arrive...but then they hadn't even left yet. So Celia went back to her cabin and I took a long nap. I was woken up by Celia calling to help her with an injured bird. I got the rescue number and address and helped Celia get the pigeon into a crate. Off she went!

Ma and Pa showed up shortly later. I got the run down on upcoming work and gave Ma her choice of earrings (she went with the cluster dangly ones). The cake was not yet brought out. It was a cold, windy gray day so we stayed inside. We played a few rounds of Scattergories and Ma won. Then played some Trivial Pursuit and got soup and salad ready. Linda and Celia came over with a pasta dish that was big and tasty. Gabriel was there too, and was a sweet puppy doggy. Up until he puked in my lap. Oh well. Dogs. It happens. Washed jeans and put on clean ones.

The cake was brought out to Mom's incredible delight! She loved the dead bird theme. She giggled and cheered and we took pictures. I think she felt appreciated. We all sat around and chatted. Eventually Linda and Celia headed home. We watched Ghostbusters. Was just going to be a little bit of Ghostbusters, but once you've started that movie you gotta finish it. I did my ankle stretches and make rice crispies for Ma and Pa's hike.

In the morning they headed off to go backpacking for two days. They left me two rice krispie squares. I loafed about. Snacked. Cleaned. Struggled with getting Internet to work.

Tuesday I did some work from home and finished the left over salad and my computer now likes to overheat, so I kept having to pause what I was doing to let it cool down. Buhhh.

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