Friday, July 31, 2015

early days


Uhhggg had to get up SO EARLY! To go to the doctor in Silverdale at 8am. I was pretty much a zombie, but I got in all right just on time. Signed in. How were so many people so cheery that early? Well I guess they didn't get up as damn early to drive an hour to get there. Anyway. Doc visit went well. It was a quick one. I went to Trader Joe's and went shopping, and threw down a good joke that I can't remember now. Grocery stores look so nice first thing in the morning before everything is messed up by people buying stuff. The guy forgot to ring up and bag my ginger ale tho. :(

I should have gotten McDonald's Breakfast. Instead I went home and rested a bit.

Ma and Pa returned from being on the mountain. They survived backpacking! They went swimming as a way to shower and ate cake and took their leftovers from my fridge. They deprive their daughter of food! I mean sure they paid for it...but. Yeah.

I was tired through the day, but then I revived and decided to go to the Bernie Sanders support meeting in Quilcene. He was doing a livestream across the country to promote grassroots action to support him, and I agree with his policies. Unfortunately the Quilence location was actually Coyle, but I still went. I was the third to arrive, but...Deb? Dev? Argh forgot her name! Was really nice. There was about 14 people in all. We took a group photo. I was the youngest, but there was a couple who could have been 32. Lots of older folks. We all agreed with Bernie and talked this and that. I was able to provide info that his plans to fund his ideas come from actually taxing rich people.

The stream was damn inspiring! I want to make buttons, but of the handmade with a pin back glued to it kind. Like, maybe a shrinky dink "Feel The Bern" badge? I agreed to come to more meetings. Not sure if I'll knock on doors, but I'm down to help.

Anyway, that was fun. Got back. Went to bed. I think I did stuff between the two???


Work on site! Though this was mainly for LM. I did help move some boxes. We got the basement back at the office, so the light set up is downstairs. I photographed mostly jewelry. Earrings and necklaces. OH! I also picked up a crate and lamp from the consignment shop in Poulsbo and didn't get doughnuts at Stuy's. Self restraint!

Anyway yeah, photographed jewelry. Going to edit it and get some draft on Etsy up for the client. There's some really nice earrings, wish I could find them a nice home (aka my ears).

I got McDonalds on the way home (ha no self restraint) and now I feel double bloated. I watered my garden (the important plants) and sat and relaxed. My foot is feeling better. My ankle I mean. Not that it's cured but it is feeling less strained.

Uhg I really need to get in actual shape tho, I'm so out of it and it's killing my self esteem.

Tomorrow I'm hanging with Karen in Seattle, so that should be fun!

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