Sunday, July 26, 2015

summer is over, here is the rain!


Had a tough time getting out of bed. It was warm and comfy. But I eventually did. Got a one off gig dog sitting on site in Poulsbo, so that's cool. Did some more online listings. Things are selling like gangbusters on our eBay! It's a great feeling. Though maybe I should have listed it for more??

I spent a few hours watering the plants nice and thoroughly...and it rained like five hours later and all day the next day. So I guess things should be looking pretty green? I've been doing my stretches, and when I try it on the other foot it doesn't feel like much of anything, so a diagnosis of an Achilles injury is ringing true. How hard do I push it though? I don't want to hurt it more.


Managed to get up a bit earlier. Enjoyed the cooler weather. Made a shopping list. Had some green beans and coffee and toast for breakfast. Did a shopping trip for cake supplies at QFC, and I left without buying any doughnuts! Tomorrow Celia & I are meeting early in the day to make a cake for Mom (it's her birthday!).

So I made a cake and did some practice with a specific technique of a cake decoration thing.

I stretched my foot. I listened to podcasts. I even lit a fire! It was a bit cold and I didn't feel like turning on the wall heaters. Probably good to heat up the chimney on the regular.

So a bit productive, yeah. Tomorrow Mum is coming over! And Dad too.

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