Friday, July 24, 2015

achilles tendinitis


Doctor time! I got up at...well I didn't have to get up all that early as the appointment wasn't till 2, still. No slouching either. Headed out to Silverdale. Got to the clinic right on time. Was checked in by a nice person, and had my vitals checked. I got in a good joke about my clogs adding five pounds as I removed them for the weigh in. Didn't have to wait long for the doc to arrive. He was nice, though seemed a bit rushed. But I also had a list of things to talk about and it was clear there wasn't enough time to dig into each one, and it seemed like every five minutes was a new "oh, and THIS hurts". I should have just focused on the foot, which did get a diagnosis: achilles tendinitis. Damage from overuse/repetitive microtrauma. Causes could be overuse, poor physical conditioning, no warm up, injury to the tendon. Seems like something that could happen to someone on their feet all day screenprinting and not doing at warm ups. Could have damaged it somehow. I dunno. It possibly went undiagnosed/untreated for over a year. So I got a print out on the condition and some stretches to do. So basically I just need to take it easy on the foot and stretch it.

Made an appointment for lady specific health care, and off I went to Walgreens.

I also got a prescription for this allergy nasal spray, which I was stoked about but that stoked died quick. I was expecting a cool prescription, but it was just Flonase. And Walgreens didn't accept my insurance, so I went to Target to get it swapped. Then I went to Trader Joe's and got some food. Then I went to Old Town Silverdale and sat in the park and snacked. When it became clear my prescription wouldn't be filled, I headed home.

I redrew my fitness regime on a single page for easy following. Six stretches of 30 second holds each. I plan to do a run through of the six, five times twice a day. Sounds good. Two fifteen minute routines? Though I've been doing them and maybe I'm pushing it too hard because my foot hurts more, not less. I'll ease up.

Did some work from home listing on eBay.


Did pretty makeup: new eyeshadow in the crease with light shimmery over the lid. Nice brows. Winged out eyeliner. Very nice look.

On site I did lots of eBay listing. We managed to up our eBay listing, so now we can list oodles more! And in the first 8 hours of me listing things we sold three! So good. It's interesting what sells and what lingers in the store.

I found out that the prescription was filled...but it wasn't covered by the insurance and it was an over the counter medication anyway so like...what's the point of getting a prescription for something you have to pay for anyway? And the thing itself was like fifteen bucks for 60 measured doses, and I would be using multiple does A DAY and two people have said the stuff gives nosebleeds and really sniffles > nosebleeds, so I just said screw it and ditched the medication. People will just have to deal with my sniffles!

Got some junk food, and went home and finished the new season of Bojack Horseman. Did my stretches, watched Chopped.

Oh, and the bump is likely a calcium deposit from the injury/tear. We'd have to take an xray to confirm. I don't know how much I want to push it, because I don't want to end up footing the bill. Healthcare makes me so paranoid, like...I don't want to do something wrong and get a $300 bill int he mail, ya know? The swelling is such a specific spot. It's not a bump in an unusual spot.


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