Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Last day with Bodi! Got up, walked the pup, showered and poured a bowl of cheerios and topped it with a slice of Brynne's oatmeal coconut cake. Loaded up Bodi and headed out to Silverdale. Oh! I also called and rescheduled with the doctor and will be in to see him on Wednesday.

Dropped off Bodi at Petco. I rolled down the window and he saw the Boss and tried to climb out of my window. Boss opened my door and grabbed the pup, who was very happy. We chatted a bit, and parted ways. Thus began a ton of errands and driving around Silverdale.

First I deposited my check for looking after Bodi.

Second I returned some library books to Poulsbo.

Third I drove into Silverdale and went to Old Navy and grabbed my usual pair of Sweetheart fit, skinny leg (straight leg didn't have any in my size that was also short length) (do I usually buy straight or skinny?) in a short length in a size that fits. I also got some discounted shirts.

Third part two I went to Sephora and picked up the Solstice Urban Decay eyeshadow. Beautiful blueish pinkish color. Treat yo self!

Fourth I went to Origami Sushi and picked up a caterpillar roll to go.

Fifth I went to Seabeck and shared the sushi with Mom and picked up my new driver's license and medical card. Picked up some other things and generally hung out.

Sixth I went back to Silverdale and picked up some things at Target. Except one thing I wanted to get.

Seventh I went to Home Depot and they didn't have the thing I wanted to get.

Eighth I went to Lowe's and they also didn't have the thing I wanted to get. But I got some succulent soil and succulent soil food.

Ninth I went to Trader Joe's and got fooood! Yum TJ's food. I forgot granola bars.

Tenth I finally went home. I ordered the thing I wanted to get online. Keep an eye out for that in the mail! It's got not my name on it. Hint hint.

Watched So You Think You Can Dance, and went to bed late.


After a weekend of early wake ups, I slept in far too long.

Loafed about, took pictures of the seals on the raft, watched SYTYCD, snacked, did some work from home.

Made a list of things to consult the doctor about tomorrow. It's a list with bullet points. Shouldn't have sat on seeing a doctor for so long.

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