Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friday & Saturday & Sunday

On Friday it was ridiculously windy. Like, I had to lock my front door to keep it from being constantly blown open windy... and the wind blew my paddleboat onto land at low tide, and the wind kicked water into it and it started to submerge. I went down to the beach and didn't take the time to get beach shoes and the oysters sliced my left foot up as I tried to bail the boat out...but as soon as I bailed a bit, a wave would come up and replace all the water. I decided to leave it and hope it could be drained out when the wind died down enough. I cleaned house. Wind knocked the power out for two hours. I went to visit the boat in the evening. Ma and Pa at the state park. Finally found the dang road! Brought Bodi along as well. He seemed anxious but tolerated the experience.

In the morning I returned to the boat and picked up Ma and Pa. Early enough so Dad could go out for crab. Ma watered the plants. Turns out I really gotta drench them. I tidied up. Brynne and Dan and Muchim were stuck in Poulsbo traffic. They got in at around 1:30 and Honey and Bodi made their doggie introductions.

We hiked in the woods, I napped a bit while they swam, we drank mystery Cape Verde grog and it was delicious. Like coffee amaretto. It was a perfect day. Warmth, sunshine, no wind. The water was apparently too cold though. But the paddleboat got drained and used. No crab was found. Bodi tried a little bit to make Honey his girlfriend, but it didn't work. Dinner was a smorgasbord of chicken and wheatberry salad and melon and hummus and rice and all sorts of stuff! And oatmeal cake for dinner. Delicious. Filling.

The Seattle crew departed at around 7, and Celia drove us to the boat so she could see the boat. We paddled around the marina a bit, too. Looked at other boats.

Ma and Pa forgot their water bottles so I would have to be up very early to bring those to them. Didn't want to hold them up on their long journey back to Bremerton.

Got up just a bit before seven. Walked Bodi. Hauled the water into my car and hauled it to the boat. I got double poached eggs on toast with melted cheese. My favorite! Bodi was better behaved in the cabin. Well less anxious. I returned home and decided to take a nap instead of trying to be awake at 7:45 in the morning on a Sunday. So I did that. Then I watched Bojack Horseman on Netflix and snacked on left overs and walked Bodi again. I pulled a muscle in my calve. I gotta take it easy! My foot is still injured and walking on a cut when the cut is on the side of the foot...I hope it heals fast.

Unfortunately, my doctor's appointment was cancelled because the doctor fell ill! Damnit! So hopefully when I call, I can get an appointment quick and not several weeks out. I'm tired of delaying my foot stuff, because I don't want to enter my next stage in life with a bad foot that might, worst case scenario, need surgery. So tomorrow I'm dropping Bodi off and then making a Trader Joe's run and getting some jeans at Old Navy because I only have one that currently fits me in comfort.

Then I'll put my foot up and hope for the best. Feeling a bit like I'm falling apart and running out of time.

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