Monday, August 3, 2015



Doggie watching! I dozed in a little bit but not too much as I had a few errands to run. I washed some sheets then packed up entertainment for myself. First I swung by Poulsbo to see if there was this thing I wanted to buy, but it wasn't there. Then I got some fast food to nosh on through the day.

The dog sitting gig was at a Christmas Tree Farm. My bosses aunt needed someone to look after her two dogs, her sons three dogs, and her granddaughters two dogs while the family was at a wedding. The house was large with some great little design bits (like a rhododenderon wallpaper in the bathroom). I arrived early to meet the dogs and people. I hung around for about two hours while people got ready to leave (one set was a late departer).

The dogs were Daphne (an old lab) Elly (a younger white doggy) Giganthor (a mottled brown doggie) Peanut (a fatter mottled brown dog) Kush (a black lab) Hook (a 6 month old dog that is probably a specific breed but I didn't know) and Holly (a white shepherd). So larger dogs, but holy cow were they mild mannered! They were mostly in the glum "my owner is gone, ho hum" mode, with some seeking of pets. I fed them, let them out periodically, walked with them for a while, and kept count to make sure none run off into the rows of trees. I've met some single dogs that are more trouble than these seven were combined. Only Daphne was a barker.

I watched this German movie The Sandman, about a guy slowly turning to sand. Odd movie. I worked on a puzzle. I listened to podcasts. Just chilled generally. At 11:30ish, they came back and I got paid. Easiest money I've ever made. I offered to dog sit again, for a reduced rate if it is just Daphne and Elly.

The bridge was up when I was crossing, but it went down after about a minute. Got home late and crawled into bed and slept.


10amish I rolled out of bed. Said hi to Brynne who got in yesterday and Casey who got in this morning. They went over to chill with Celia and I had a bacon and green bean cooked in the cast iron breakfast. I loafed about. Edited some photos for work. Was social. Was not social. Was social again. Dinner at Celia's was BBQ chicken thighs, garlic bread, and fresh clam chowder. Yum yum! They swam and then we had a tea and ice cream nosh followed by three rounds of Scattergories.

I'm tired again. Tomorrow I might be helping Dad with the boat? I don't know.

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