Friday, August 7, 2015

word hard for the money


So tired. But the show must go on! With proper face guard, gloves, and a player full of podcasts I set about finishing the port side of the hull cleaning. It was a colder day, and I wore my work sweater. I scrubbed and scrubbed, and dumped the water in the proper dumping area. I accidently walked in the back door of the office to ask for the key to the dumping room.

The wire brush made it easier, but oh my back was hurting from all the under hull scrubbing.

Exhaustedly drove home and spent the rest of the night tired.


Woke up sore. Popped an Advil, ate some breakfast, made coffee, packed a lunch satchel, and off I went! Dad was there today. I accompanied him to West Marine and successfully located a misplaced thing in the shop after Dad and the shop guy couldn’t find it. I scrubbed. Mom brought sushi and teriyaki. I ate my share. I scrubbed more. Tomorrow will hopefully be a shorter day. I’ve got mostly underside stuff left. I’ll get it done, and then I get a day off! A day in which I’m already busy with something else, but it’ll be something fun. A wedding!

After the boat stuff, Dad and I went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at The Rose. Fun movie! Lots of great action sequences and a few moments that were so ridiculous upping of the ante that we all laughed. Excellent performances, lots of fun. I think I liked the last one more, but this was still cool.

Dropped Dad off at the van and went home and sent off a work email (nice to have a job where I can take time to help with the boat). Might have Bodi for another weekend!

Driving up to Port Townsend three days in a row is exhausting. I don’t think I could manage it unless I got a really cool job. It eats up so much time! I’m looking forward to not being tired.

August already feels like it is over, and it’s only six days in.

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