Wednesday, January 22, 2014

twenty SIX

Tuesday (aka MY BIRTHDAY!!):

I was woken up by some rustling outside my door. Upon opening my door, I found a little Mylar balloon! It said "it's your day!" and it was from Tara. How sweet!

I opened my box of prezzies from Ma & Pa. Book! Towel with Don't Panic on it! Tardis bottle and tea infuser! Lovely human rights tee. Sheets and socks too. I always need sheets and socks.

Work ended up being mostly solo, which was nice. Had some vinyl. I cleaned and reclaimed a full racks worth of screens. Counted out shirts (but I ended up goofing on my count, which wasn't good, ah oh well). A nice day indeed. I was wrestling back and forth with going to Discretion and filling the growler up and drinking by myself and being a birthday sad sack, or going down to 99 Bottles and texting people to see if anyone was down to hang and maybe being a lonely sad sack in a public space. I went with the latter, because hey I could just bring my Kindle and drink and read and whatnot. And plus it is raffle night!

But Marina said she could come!! So I only had about ten minutes of being by myself, and then she arrived and she gave me cookies and tea! I ordered some fish & chips. The sponsored beer of the night was Estrella. I tried a pint of their lager. Not my favorite. I also had a pint of Longboard, which was my free-due-to-it-being-my-birthday-and-I-think-the-waiter-liked-me pint, and a pint of Speakeasy Amber something something. Buuuut I finished my drinks long before I drove home! Don't worry, I'm responsible. Anyway, Marina and I had a few solid hours of great conversation and girl talk and awesome stuff. When the Warriors got out, Ryan joined us (he works the Warriors games, for which I print jerseys. Did I mention that? I do that). And that was awesome. We three always sit at the same table in 99 Bottles (this one in the back on the wall). This lady came through the restaurant selling flowers for a dollar and we bought a couple.

It was just really nice to hang with friends, grab some beers, and just chat. All that good stuff. I dropped the two of them off at the Tannery and went home. Got some nice and late and went to bed satisfied.


26 years young. Yay. But now it is just another Wednesday.

Printed shirts and boxed them. Then I tallied the screens and made a note of which screens to have restretched with new silk. 115 screens! That's a good amount. I weeded vinyl. I coated screens. It ended up being a shorter day, though I ain't complaining. Nice to have it a bit easy. Gotta enjoy it while I can.

Watched some telly. Drank some tea. Stayed in. Oh maaan. Tomorrow I'll pack up for the Welcome to Night Vale trip! Wow! It's so close and almost here and YAAAYYY!!

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