Friday, January 24, 2014

haven't really packed yet, eek

I christened my Tardis tea infuser with Tardis themed tea. Hahaha. Very good infuser! Hurray!

Work today was a bit of a waiting game. Waiting and tidying. Burned a bunch of screens at the end, weeded vinyl in the middle, and I mixed some ink! Which is something I don't do that often. It's all by weight measurement, which is easy but also much need for precision. I got a bunch of ink over my shoes and the hem of my jeans. I did that by way of having the ink on the ground while I use the mixing attachment on the drill and using my feet to keep the container of ink from spinning around. Didn't lose ink in the process, so that's good. Well... lost a bit of ink, but nothing consequential.

There are so many little things to know in my job. So many specific little tasks.

One of the episodes of the International Waters panel show podcast has JOHN FINNEMORE! AHHH!! I just adore him. So funny. Stoked on that. Cameron Esposito moderated the episode, which was extra neat.

I made a road trip snack run and I picked up more of the Trader Joe's antioxident facial serum stuff. I ran out of it a week ago, and now my skin is being all weird and bad...I think it actually might be doing my skin some good! I've been slipping on my skin care routine. It's been looking good lately so I need to keep at it. Keep it looking good! Keep it moisturized and SPFed! Keep the wrinkles at bay. Not that I mind wrinkles, just that it's good to take care of your skin!

AHhhhh going to LA tomorrow! So exciting!

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