Saturday, January 25, 2014

girl from pasadena

I am in Pasadena! Lots of driving and several stops and some minor annoyances, but yay! It's 3am and we are here!

But lets start at the start. Work! I got up early because I wanted to leave work early. I arrived and taped up screens and then weeded vinyl. Then as the vinyl was placed on the truck, I stepped in to catch and box shirts. I broke down the press and I was outta there at 4!

Got home and quickly packed up clothes and snacks and little things. I was running late, but thankfully so were Rich and Ariel! They picked me up at six. Then went to Salinas to visit Ariel's cousin so she could drop off a present for her nephew. We hung out a bit there with them, then off we went! But first: In-N-Out! Where....my card was declined!! But I had cash, so it's all good. Well it's not all good. I need to call Kitsap Credit Union and figure this stuff out! But I had a burger for the time being.

Then we hit the road! Rich and Ariel switched driving for a bit. We alternated listening to Welcome to Night Vale and Cabin Pressure. The drive went pretty quick. We also played car games. The "My name is Anna from Alabama and I come bringing artichoke" one.

It was just a nice easy drive down...probably because I didn't do the driving.

There was this pile of burning stuff by the side of the road on the drive down. These massive piles and they looked like controlled burns. But it was so eerie and creepy, because it was this glow in the distance and then these massive embers right there on the side of I-5. It was a very spooky thing to see.

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