Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tumbling along

Joined Tumblr. Because I can. It is image sharing and stuff. I'm at: trilltrillian.tumblr.com It won't be art specific, just images I like and all that. Yup.

I was about to have oatmeal and tea for breakfast, and then I remembered I could have three slices of bacon, three eggs scrambled, tea, and two slices of toast. So I had that. It was so filling and good and I ate at the right time, that I was sated for most of the day. Hurrah!

Went to school in nervous, but high, spirits. For the first hour Martin gave us the run down of our next phase. Basically the next phase is working on getting the slide show together to present at the end of November/early December so that we can propose. This is in part nailing down the blurb, and figuring out inspirations, and ordering it, and all this stuff. It is a lot of stuff. And this is it pretty much. We need to start deciding. Then it was optional one on one meetings. I opted to meet with Martin. I wanted mostly to talk about how to connect the depth and the art. He encouraged me that, when it comes to talking about the thesis, to start with the meaning and message and then go into the medium. "I wish to reflect the dynamics and intricacies of friendships through non precious posters and zines" as opposed to "through non precious zines and blah blah blah". Keep it in the front. Also we talked about how best to example my art, and the idea that zines might be a bit low rent (my words) for how brilliant (Martin's words) some of my work is, and can be. Martin encouraged me to work large, like posters and tabloid format. It might be a better direction, because then that opens up wheat pasting and public dissemination, instead of personal distribution. I could still do zines, but larger work commands more authority. It was a really good conversation, and Martin's enthusiasm for the quality of my work brings me up.

He has been a very good encouraging teacher these past three years. Do I want him for thesis mentor? I don't know. Maybe. Way back when, somewhere in my blog, there is a recording of our first meeting and initial impressions. Over time there is some documentation of whatever teacher/student relationship has formed. And this holds true for pretty much everyone I've met in college. Teachers, students, MFAs, alumni, and so on. It is all here and can be tracked. Chronicling things keeps me in a more positive mind about people, because if I am going to interact, I might want to report, and I want to report something good. Obviously I can't like everyone, and just because you are not here doesn't mean I don't like you. But I want to like you and talk about how much I like you. I want to promote positivity the best I can, because it helps me be positive. But some people just grind my gears. But my thesis isn't about gear grinding.


After class I went and got a 4GB USB stick for thirteen bucks. What a deal! Can't find my other one. Not lost, just misplaced. Talked to Daniel Williams and Heather. Someone wrote up an "I saw you" about Daniel, trying to fish for a coffee date or something. It was silly how nice they thought he looked. Daniel is nice, but also isn't nice. In his own Daniel way. Not an insult. He is a self admitted ass.

Yoga was full of people. 15 may not seem like a lot, but when everyone has to lay out on a mat, it gets full. Good stretching. Good posing. Good yoga.

Went back home. Chilled. Snacked. Joined Tumblr. Now to do some homework and then get to sleep. Or try to get to sleep. Stupid one day a week I HAVE to be out of bed before noon.

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