Monday, October 18, 2010

poor faye

I woke up to a text message sent from someone I don't know. It was an image of the figure I have on my keychain in the bark of a tree. I got this keychain from Japan. It is a keychain from the show Oh! Mikey, and the figure is Mikey. Anyway, I didn't recognize the number. All I knew is that someone who has my number has my Mikey and sent me a picture of it. Quite the mystery.

So I had some poptarts and some water and got to wasting my day, like usual. I glanced at stuff I needed to get done, but I didn't do it.

Took out the trash. Popped some fish in the oven for a late lunch.

I later found out that Mark and Kristen had found Mikey and it was Mark's number that had sent me the image. I got my Mikey back. I need to superglue it to its fastener. This isn't the first time he has come off.

I decided that, instead of watching it like I usually do, I would catch the Mad Men season finale at Gypsy, which is a bar one block away. I arrived and had a drink and sat in the corner. I moved to a table when it came on and during the commercial breaks I chatted with a ginger and a well suited man (who won a costume contest that I missed). I ordered another drink and some dinner and put my feet up and enjoyed the heck out of the Mad Men finale. It was good. Not as gasp inducing as the previous episodes have been, but it was good. The people filed out when it was over and the well dressed costume winner came over and asked to buy me a drink, and I said sure. So we stuck around through the encore and talked. His name is Christian. At midnight we were kicked out so we migrated to Coffee Time and talked some more. A really nice fellow I must say.

Anyway, as it was Sunday Coffee Time closed at 1am. I gave him my number and called it a night. I hope he calls. There was that other fella I was seeing but there wasn't a spark and so that didn't really develop. You know how it is.

A really good night. Made a new contact, watched a show with some people, ate some good sushi (bar sushi was better than sushi place sushi, though not better than Origami Sushi).

Tomorrow I shall crack open a book or something.

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