Sunday, October 17, 2010

hamburger helped

Rolled out of bed. Made myself some delicious bacon and eggs and tea for breakfast. Watched Terriers.

Went down to school and hung out with Karen for a bit. Girl talked. Went down to Chipotle for lunch, but I didn't order anything. After that I did my animation for class. I'm on top of it! No rush or worry or having to find a station to work on later in the week. Hurrah!

So I got to animating my rings and watch. In terms of objects that represent me, these mementos do a pretty good job of it. I kept pretty solid to the drawn increments that were part of the assignment. Which helped keep the speed the different rings rotated at constant. I dig it. Listened to The Strain some more. Onto the 7th disc, out of I think 11. Sweet!

Went back home. Went to Trader Joe's. Got some beef. Did the dishes. Made Hamburger Helper. I was curious and wanted to try it out as I never had it growing up. It wasn't anything too special but it made for a filling dinner. I wanted to make brownie mix as well but we are out of butter. I'm real healthy tonight. Ha.

Got caught up on QI. I really want to watch Vanishing Point.

I should have gone out and done something. Decided against going to Matt's birthday. Ho humm.

Time to eat an apple and crack open Packing for Mars. Space travel is interesting but it is spending a lot of time on psychology and gravity. I just want to know how they poop in space!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing well. Sorry about the HBhelper facebook stuff. Take it easy. You seem to be doing well with your work - love the animation with the watch walking through the works (no time elapsed on the watch, didn't take long) good work.