Wednesday, September 29, 2010

whooo yoga whooo

Annnd it is back to wearing pants that stop at the knee. Holy cow weather, make up your mind!

Slept in. Got to to school for student council, and then remembered that classes were cancelled today because of some teacher thing and that also meant that there would be no student council. So I put up yoga posters and ate a microwaved burrito. Which proceeded to not sit well in my stomach, so I got some french bread and hummus and gnawed on that while waiting for the illustration rendezvous.

Chelsey, Morgaine, Dom, Sivonna, Jon, Samala, Beth showed up. We chatted about the assignment and got each other on the same page. Also discussed stuff and gave feedback and bounced ideas. Some people left. We chatted some more. Got some good buzzwords and a better frame of thought for my thesis. Is it people I know...or people that are currently important to me? what format? is it art therapy or art therapized? Self helped? If I go the sort of self helped, appreciation of my wonderful friends route then I have a direction of research to go (self help books and the desire for instruction in matters of the heart) of course this is also a sort of...well sappy route I guess. But it is generating a lot of thought.

We dispearsed. I nibbled bread and got lost in thought. Then it was time for YOGA! It is BACK! WHOO!! And the first meeting had about 10 people, which was awesome. Time passed and I felt I wasn't totally horribly weak. Though I have lost some of my flexibility. Still, great to have another part of my routine back.

Returned home. Relaxed. Kristen was dying her hair. I watched Raising Hope and then Glee. Which was a very fun episode. Lots of dream sequence dancing, and of course Brittany. Great character.

Read some animation stuff.

24 Hour Fitness has no sign up fee for students. I wonder if I had access to things like treadmills, it would encourage me to bump up the cardio. I'm feeling out of shape and a little down in the dumps and that is probably both causes of inactivity. Maybe join the gym? It is right next to school. Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Sure, try the gym. Yoga doesn't give you a cardio work-out. xoxomummy