Monday, April 25, 2016

worn down

So yesterday I was on laundry, which means up and down up and down and hauling and folding and timing. Did three beds, a bunch of towels, stripped two other beds... and this was after breakfast. Though it was a lighter breakfast shift, with lots of 30 second breaks to find this and that to do. Not the rush to wash and wash and dry and fill up the machine and empty it that other breakfast shifts have been. So breakfast and then into laundry. VERY tiring, but hey...it's good cardio.

And at the end of the shift I hustled down the Taylor stairs to catch the 2:30 showing of Midnight Special. The bosses gave me a thank you gift certificate for The Rose so I spent that on the ticket and some popcorn and a hard Finnriver cider because damnit I earned it!

Midnight Special was an odd little movie and I liked it a whole bunch. It didn't overdo it with the more supernatural elements and it was great the way the parental roles switched back and forth. Excellent performances all around with a special note to Adam Driver. Yeah. Good little film indeed. I hauled my tired self up the stairs, drove home no problem, and was well tired for the rest of the day. Still drew.

Today was an empty Inn though I'm sure planned that way as a deep clean is starting on one of the rooms. Nice to have it lighter when we are deep cleaning. I was dragging all day. Seemed like it took extra long to turn just two rooms! And I did the floors and flower water and started on a few items in the deep clean room. It was a full shift but it felt like I should have gotten done with more. But I also did some laundry and folding.

Got a letter from Anita. She's so great. She's engaged to Dan! I stayed with them in Delaware, remember? And Anita has visited Pulali. She gave me that awesome illustrated tide guide.

I worked on some of the things I need to get done. I'm mailing a proof of relationship letter to my friends in Ireland. The ones I stayed with in Toronto. Basically "I have witness these two together" type anecdotal document letter. And I'm sending off my rebate for my monitor. It's an 8-10 week wait to get it back!! And so much effort. I guess that's how they get people to not do rebates. But it'll be nice to get it in the mail come...uhh... June? July?

Now I'm back to being tired so I think I'll go to bed now.

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