Thursday, April 28, 2016

hair tips!!

 Yesterday wiped me out so I just went to bed. Still drew! Make sure you follow me on instagram to see the comics, cuz I tent to post them there first.

I turned three rooms with time to spare, and breakfast shift was really easy so that got done in good time. Well not EASY just not many people and they were all spaced out. With my extra time I refilled some spray bottles and ironed some napkins. We sanitize the counters everyday after breakfast, so I put back all the things that were taken off the counters.

After work I topped off my tank, and put a letter in the mail, and got a meal from the Halfway House because I'm low on food and felt lazy. The meal covered me for the rest of the day and part of today, so yup.

I've been listening to a lot of the Judge John Hodgman podcast, it's pretty good.
I don't think I like day on, day off scheduling. It's good for not leaving me totally exhausted but it also makes wanting to leave the house on a day off a non starter. So today I relaxed, played some FTL (thanks Natey!), drew, watched telly, ate food. I'll be working a more usual schedule in a couple days. It goes all over the place, which is good because nothing is ever constant.

Paid PUD. Nice to have the moneys to pay bills within a day or two of them coming in. Just gotta be tight on the purse strings for six days and I'll be good. No unnecessary boat buying.

Speaking of consumerism! I called Swatch and they said they can't fix the watch due to it being sealed and all that but if I sent it in, I'd get a 30% off coupon for the Swatch store, so I could buy the watch from Swatch and get all the proof of purchase documentation warranty stuff for the same price as it is on Amazon (where it is, outside of eBay) the lowest price. Oh! The battery I have Dad (I put it in my miniature Ark of the Covenant) is an Energizer size 392/384.

There's pictures of me wearing that watch in Japan, so it's gotten ten plus years of wear. And the Swatch lady I talked to on the phone knew exactly the watch I was talking about when I said Chessboard. I didn't even have to give her model number.

This watch saga sure is going on and on.

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