Friday, April 29, 2016

I don't like things that glow in the dark

I'm fading. Today was a real ass kicker. Turned only one room, but also did a lot of crouching and moving (dusting all the floorboards) and cleaned all the floors and did the office and some watering. I don't know why it was so totally killer but that last bit with the floorboards really just took everything out of me. Also I kept waking up in my sleep for no reason (maybe eagles woke me up?)

But I'm also *whispers* menstruating. So that might be affecting my body. I think we are all adults here and as a member of half the population that does that thing, I should be free to talk about it. Why is it so hush hush?

Anyhoodles, I'm more than ready to crawl into bed now. Also I went food shopping. Tomorrow I'm making pulled pork from BT's recipe. I'll be having pulled pork sandwiches for the next few days. Yay protein!! yay a break from PB&J!

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