Monday, April 11, 2016

step by step

 A less packed day. Two rooms to be turned and two rooms to be fluffed, though one of the rooms was occupied and they only asked for towels so that was easy! Finished laundry, did floors, had a sammich and coffee with my lunch. That second coffee really got me through. Probably why I didn't need a post work nap. But also two room turns and one fluff and floors is less work than lots of laundry and deeper floors. It varies.
Heather and Daniel continue to be the absolute best! They sent me a little care package of print making supplies. Heather sent me stuff so that I could do a plaster print of the etched plate I bought in Brussels. That should be a fun weekend activity next time pops visits. Dan sent me some improved carving supplies! My v shaped tool was rather tricky and it chewed up my block a little. Now I have multiple!! Ahhh! My next block will look so nice. I have tomorrow off so I plan to finish up my card.

Best pair. Love them a whole bunch.

Now I'm super tired and it's ONLY 11! But work ya know. It's tiring.

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