Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I think I'll tuck into bed in a sec. Well I think I'll game a bit from bed. I don't really feel like being out of bed for much longer, and I need to not stay up too late.

Work was good. I need to fluff rooms first I learned, to make sure I get them all tidied before guests returned because I was unable to do one of them on account of the guests returning. I still knocked and asked if they needed anything (towels, etc.) and they didn't. Well they gave me two wine glasses to take down. Anyhoo. Turned two rooms, fluffed two, did the floors. Easy enough shift.

I have tomorrow off then five days on, plus D&D. I will be one tired Trilly.

I talked to a watch repair person (on the phone, the shop was closed because they left early) asking about an estimate for repairing my Swatch and they said they can't do it because they are hermetically sealed when made, so I'd have to send it off to get repaired. I don't know if I want to do that, what if I don't get my watch back? I miss wearing that watch though. I love it so. OH JEEZE I just looked it up and you can still buy that style of watch but wow that was a generous gift I technically stole from mom back in the day. I still defend she wasn't wearing it. Ohh there's a much cheaper one on eBay...still. I'd know it wouldn't be the one I wore for, goodness, a decade???

But some people absolutely do buy the same thing over and over because it's served them well. I liked the metal of the band, because leather and plastic bands are often constricting. And it had an easy to read face. And it would do Douglas Adams proud to NOT wear a digital watch!

Hey Dad, you removed a few links from it right, to make it properly sized? Because if you still have those, then I could just remove the face and wear it as a bracelet... still. I really like telling time on it. Well with my monitor on order I can't really do any unnecessary buying for the time being. At least I know what to search for now the line, and it's nice they still make them.


I also got oil and Cheerwine from the hardware store. Car was low this morning and I put the rest of what I had in 'er.

When I got to my mailbox one of those beauty subscription thingies had arrived! Hurray! This one was Birchbox, which is high end sample focused. I got a decent sized trial size of this leave in conditioner, which I'm always excited for. My leave ins always seem to last a long while too, even when it seems like I'm using a lot of product. In truth this is almost half the size of the full which retails for considerably more than the subscription so good deal on that. Also came with some smaller samples of matching shampoo and conditioner. It also had a full size of this cute matte pink lipstick:

Don't mind the face, I like it! Fun shade! Pretty happy with the selection. Got big sizes of the things I want to use a bunch, and smaller sizes of the things I want to try but don't care too much about being precious with. There were some other face good things. The way I tailored my subscription was towards hair products, fun makeup, and a bit of skin care.

Also the makeup look that photo is the same one I detailed in the comic, plus a shimmery shadow on top. Don't I look nice?

Tomorrow is finish the card day!

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