Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saint Heisey

Seven spot colors down on the card design! Though many of the colors are similar, and I could use fewer colors, it's just easier to do it one dog at a time. There will be a lot of variation in these cards.

So yeah, today I pretty much just painted and watched stuff and painted more. I took a break to do the comic. And had some pasta and an apple with peanut butter snack. Didn't get much else accomplished,

OOh! I also ordered a monitor so now Ma & Pa can get the one I've been borrowing for errr uhhh three months...back. It's a 23"er! Which is five inches bigger than this one which is already kinda big, so now I want to rearrange the desk up here to better accomodate a proper set up. It's a bit crowded and there's lots of old pencils that can be moved elsewhere.

Now that I'm doing more and making more, it's good to commit to making my space better to make in. So that's ANOTHER thing to work on.

So Ma & Pa when will I see y'all? I'm working a whole bunch but you can always come chill. Tho the new monitor hasn't arrived yet. I have the 20th & 21st off. Maybe then??