Monday, November 16, 2015


Two mornings in a row I got called into action by someone needing my help.

My boss can't catch a break. Saturday she called me in to take over the vintage fair because she was unable to. I got up, showered, and hauled butt over to Bainbridge Island. Thankfully parking was available on Saturdays on the side of the road. It was stormy and sopping wet but I looked cute in my raincoat. The vintage selling community is so nice! Debbie was watching our booth and Barb knew what was up and recognized me. I got Square loaded on my phone and set about making the pitch to the few buyers that trickled in. Barb made sandwiches for some of us, and Debbie made tasty cider. I had Kureg Kureig Kurieg whatever it's spelled coffee too. Pep in my step! We made some sales. Two fashionable gals and a fashionable lad admired our ornaments. One of them complimented my sweater and I was so stoked, because they were SERIOUSLY cool.

We had to take the stall down early (we being me, and bosses daughter and future step son) because of time constraints. It wasn't ideal, but it was how it had to go. About 15 minutes into us packing up...the power cut off in the hall. Emergency lights were found and hooked up to cars and light was had. Medium light. Not great light. And other people started packing up as well, so it wasn't the worst thing in the world for us to be gone early, and we had space to pack up because we weren't having to keep clear of the other stalls like we would have if the power had been on and people were coming through.

Some people still continued to shop! Once the van was loaded and I said toodles to the family, I bought some nice earrings made from vintage chandelier crystals. I headed home and got caught once again in that damn hour long Bainbridge escape.

I took a good long relax at home, and did a bit more work, and went to bed at a decent hour. Whew!!

Today Karen called me needing help with her flooded basement! Oh no! But that wouldn't be till 3 in the afternoon after she got back from dropping Rob off at the airport, so I had some time. Ate breakfast, chilled, and when I was at Big Beef Crossing headed to Seabeck to swing by Ma & Pa to get my mail, Karen called to tell me they had rearranged the flight and the basement was taken care of and while I could help for two hours, it wouldn't be totally necessary. She also apologized for not telling me earlier, but it's understandable because she was probably busy hauling her books out of four inches of water. Hopefully that basement stops being a bummer.

So I just hung out with Ma and Pa! I helped move the kayak about, ate dinner, helped with some gardening, and played an episode of 99% Invisible about maps and I worked on redesigning the Washington State flag because oy we've got a bad flag.

Did you know that Washington was named Washington instead of Columbia, in order to prevent confusion with the District of Columbia?

Went home, washed dishes, listened to podcasts. Now I must sleep because it's late and I got work on site tomorrow.

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