Thursday, November 19, 2015

storm season

Sorry for the late update, my internet was slogging.


Worked on site and it has since really messed up my mental schedule for the week. I keep thinking it is much later than it is. So on Monday I worked on site, but also was a bit of a personal assistant/chauffer. Boss let me put a chocolate orange on the company card. She’s the best. I itemized the snowflakes that didn’t sell, unloaded the van, moved boxes around, and in the middle of the day I took boss to an appointment, ran some errands for her, and then chilled at the library till boss was done with her appointment. Kinda fun to do that. I’m not due to be on site till after the holidays. So nice to have such a flexible job.

Got home later than I was supposed to because I forgot to deposit my check in Poulsbo, so I had to drive up into Part Hadlock to do that. Saved me doing an extra trip, so that’s good.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Worked from home doing listings. The storm knocked out the power for about an hour on Tuesday. I got a fire going and dug out the ditches a bit and hunkered down. Not the worst storm, but there’s now a large log stuck in the rocks on Celia’s end of the beach. It’s past the beach and seawall. It just needs a little nudge north on the next high tide. Well a storm nudge. I’m not going out there. It’s cold!

Around this time last year, I swam out to get that paddle boat. Can’t believe I did that!

Did a bunch of item listings, and a good chunk have already sold! Hurray!

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