Friday, November 20, 2015

feeling good, how are you?

I had a really good day today, but that sum up will wait till I get done with Thursday!


Hmm. Kept it mellow! Had some poptarts and did some work from home and just kinda chilled. Didn't get up to much, just did my usual thing. Had some pasta for dinner.


Big fun long day! First thing first, I updated my website. Loaded up new sketches, a few new illustrations, and generally made it not stuck in 2014. I really need to make new bigger work, because I haven't produced much to update it with. Still, it's good to update it.

I showered and headed out to Poulsbo for errands. Did one errand that is a bit private, but it was a good thing.

Made a hair dye and chocolate orange run. I'm glad chocolate oranges are only available during this season, because damn I love them.

Winter 2015 Chocolate Orange Count: 2

Then I went to downtown Poulsbo to go to this salon appointment that I made. Oh! I actually called a salon to make an appointment early in the day. I looked it up and they had discounts for the "trainee" stylists. I figured a trainee at a salon would be just fine. They told me it would be Bailey, and I'm just noting her name (might be spelled differently) so I can remember it the next time I need to get my hair cut. The gps took me to the wrong hair salon though, but I made it to the correct one on time.

Oh what an amazing time at the salon! Bailey was attentive and easy to talk to. Got the shampoo AND cut AND a bit of style for a very agreeable price. She took her time, which I loved. I was her last appointment of the day and I was in no rush. I assume last appointment because the shop closed at 5 and I was there are 4. I wanted my bangs back, but softer this time. Less blunt and full in volume. She did a great job at doing just what I asked for. Now I have a softer bang with long bits that curve around my face. And she showed me how to do a curl with a flat iron and right now my hair is all wavy and perfect looking. I love it. I may have overtipped but she did a really good job, and I get haircuts so infrequently, paying just a little bit more than I usually do (Super Cuts) ain't no thing. I really like the cut.

Afterwards, I went to Central Market and got udon and yakult and eggs and apples. Gotta spend the next two days eating all my perishables.

Unfortunately Averie and Muchim are not coming this weekend. But the weather is cold and it's not the best time to visit. Maybe in a few weeks.

And now I'm watching Jessica Jones and having a great ol' time.

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