Sunday, November 22, 2015

have a happy Sunday :)

Hey look! I updated yesterday AND I'm doing it today! How 'bout that. Going to try and be better about being regular, because if I do too much of nothing I forget what I've done.

I did my last chunk of work later tonight. A new batch for eBay.

I also vacuuming and did three loads of laundry. One big delicates load, and two smaller heavy loads (one light, one dark). I like to break up my laundry. Every now and again something wedges in the dryer and doesn't dry as it tumbles. Like it doesn't blog the tumble, it just gets stuck between the paddle and side.

Had noodles and yakult. Not together. Put cut avocado on creme cheese on toast for breakfast.

Watched Jessica Jones. Drank cocoa. Tidied up the house more. Tomorrow I pack up for the trip!

Note to self: pack board games, cooler, and clothes. Most importantly board games.

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