Monday, September 14, 2015

nice days are going, winter is coming


My friend Mel(issa)'s bridal shower! One of the first friends I made at PNCA. She's all growed up and getting married. Next month I'm making two Portland trips for her bachelorette party and wedding. I got up early, put on something casual and I should have dressed up a little bit more but I didn't. Next party I will though. I picked up Karen in Bremerton because we were both going to the party and why have two people drive to the same destination? So I picked my gal up and we drove to Tacoma to the antiques row part, where we parked at met Mel to do some antiquing! Mel found a Finel enamelwear bowl for $20 less than what it goes for on eBay (I know because I looked it up later, I know too much now!) and a cute postcard and plate. Karen had a sloth patch for me, as a gift! How lovely! And Mel had a collectors set of cactus cups to give to Karen as a general "lots of life stuff happening!" gift. Gifts all around. I have some more stuff for Mel that will be wrapped up for her wedding (antiques from work, holla). I did draw her a card and give her this embroidery of the Log Lady from Twin Peaks. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The party was at a family friend's house, that was where Mel played at as a kid. There were other playgroup people there, and lots of aunts and older ladies. So many ladies! What a great community to grow up in. Met Mel's Mom and sister and grandma. Had two types of salad and fizzy drinks and we played pictionary that was bridal themed and opened presents. Mel opened the presents. She got cast iron and plates and lots of cool kitchen stuff. There should be a groom shower where the guy gets power tools.

I ate two slices of cake and WOW that was a lot of sugar. I drove Karen back and got to see her new house which is in Manette and is super cute! She is looking for a better shelving solution than Ikea, Dad any tips?

It's a great house, with a yard. I see lots of visits to it in my future.

Got back medium lateish and had a restless night sleep.


Did some more work on the illustration. Only have a few more elements to draw, though some I might want to redo. Easy enough. Taste tested some cinnamon buns over at Celia's. OH LAUNDRY I HAVE TO FOLD THAT yeah so I did laundry too. It was wet and dismal. Perfect Sunday weather.

Got a lot of driving to do in the coming two weeks, but it's a lot of work too which means moolah, hurrah!

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