Friday, September 11, 2015

errands and bummers


The bridge was down for like six hours! Down as in stuck open. Not collapsed, or stuck down. Thankfully I was on this side of the water. I checked in on the doggie and let him know Celia would be home eventually. I worked. I drew.


Worked even more. Did a nice long shift of posting things on eBay and trying to figure out changes at PayPal. A good long stint with the pets over at Celia's (for good wifi access that won't interrupt my flow with being awful). Sam was very helpful with all his rubbing on the computer screen.


Slept too far in. My sleeping schedule is back to being awful. Ran into Silverdale and got my prints back. The photos didn't turn out that great, but that could have just been the printer. Not a good resolution/quality print, so they were kinda fuzzy. Not like the classic photo printing. Kinda bummed that they don't look as good. Was wishing for some quality prints to cherish, ya know? And my photo with the McElroys didn't even make it on the film (it was the last shutter, so I guess it wasn't the actual last) so that sucks. It probably would have been dark anyway, but uhhg. That's a nice thing about digital photos: you know you got them! So next time, if there is a next time, I'll find a place to develop that does everything in house. Because something was lost in shipping the stuff off to be developed and then digitally transferred to a disk.

Got some froyo. Did a mini Target run. Went back home. Tomorrow is Mel's bridal shower. The bacherlorette party is in October in a month. Under a month. Then her wedding! Which will be the last wedding for a while I think...

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