Sunday, September 6, 2015


Thursday & Friday & Saturday

Ma and Pa came up for a two night visit. Work around the property, work out of the weather, work in the narrow window when the weather is better. First day the weather turned stormy right as they arrived, so we mostly stayed in, played some board games, watched The Tick, and ate food. Second day it was windy but not stormy, but way too windy to be outside for any proper labor, so we made apple juice. Mom and Dad cut apples in the living room, I pulped them in the kitchen, and we pressed them outside. Three pressings? Four? Maybe five? Not as big of a harvest as previous years, but still got some good juice. Celia came over with pasta and garlic bread for dinner, and Dad read out some Poirot. Third day we hauled up wood from the beach bank for firewood and I painted sealant on the doorframe to protect it from the elements. Switching the house over to winter mode. I've turned on the wall heaters for the time being. Not looking forward to the slow climb up of the electric bill. But at least I'm not spending the time watering all the plants. Everythings looking much more green.

Went up to Port Townsend and caught the 7:30 showing of The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Pretty good movie. Nice to see a female coming of age film, that's directed by a woman, and based on a story by a woman. I can see how it'll be controversial, unfortunately, but damn it resonated with me. Hope it does well. It's super limited release, unfortunately!

Tomorrow I work. Probably.

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