Wednesday, September 16, 2015

on site and badass

Things have suddenly picked up at work. We got a new client whose estate we are preparing for a sale and are packing things up. So it's been two days (and more to come) of fast hustling preparation. Yesterday left me really exhausted. Drove to Bainbridge Island and the house is gorgeous and was faced with a room crowded with stuff. It's an open basement type room, with some furnished spaces. Lots of boxes. Lots of boxes filled with books to be sorted. Lots of shelves to be moved. Lots of furniture to be moved. And in a cold space. The Monday crew was boss, me, Mikayla/Michaela, and Barbara. An awesome team of girl power. Barb is STRONG! We moved rugs on top of things and redid the space so it's now a nice flow through for shoppers on the day of. It looks so good. That's why you pay professionals to come in: we do in a day what is taking you months to never get around to doing. Maybe makeshift tables were set up. I started cataloging larger items and moved smaller. Started the client data base. I was tuckered all the way out when we were done, and spent much time sitting at home.

TV cut out so I missed the SYTYCD finale but Gaby won. She's charming, so that's fun.

Today was Boss, me, and M and later Wit to price records. I did more photographing and renaming of images according to reference and talks about setting up the system. I've got two weeks of a LOT of driving, but after a few months of being a home body with not many hours I welcome these full days. It'll fund my two Portland trips in October nicely.

I need to dig out some warmer layers. Fall is in place.

2015 is the year of "you gotta show up for people".

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