Friday, September 18, 2015

half way through the hustle


Off to Bainbridge I went, but a little bit later. And then a lot more later because the bridge was up, with the possibility of it being up till NOON! But then it wasn't and it came down and I was only a little bit late, and I was able to run an errand in Poulsbo. At work I hauled stuff downstairs for the sale, DVDs and misc things, and organized clothing for the sale, and tried on a pair of Doc Martins that fit so I'm going to buy those, fo' sho! Well I wore them out of the sale, but I'll buy them later on. It will give me a good chance to practice with the Square Reader. Not much pricing happened, mostly just organizing. Got out, got some McDonald's, headed home and chilled. Stayed up way too late drawing.


Slept in a little bit, but got up and read my email and there was a ton to do! So I hauled my set up to the good wifi and got to working. Got a lot done, but there's still stuff to do. We are majorly hustling, but it's good! That means money! And a working business. We'll be getting new business cards soon, too, so we can be clearer in our message. So yeah, sat and worked and snuffled. Celia came home and we chatted and she made a little steak rice dinner yum yums. I showed her some funny videos and called it a night. She said it was nice having someone be there when she came over. I may make more of a habit of just working over there, even when the WiFi is coming strong over here. Nice to hang with pets.

Back on the Island tomorrow. Half way there!

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