Saturday, July 11, 2015

stay at Hummel


Got up and did my makeup super pretty like because I was going to get my driver's license! Packed up my ID and some mail I've received to prove my address, and off I went to the Port Townsend DMV. I was gearing up to suffer but...there was one person in front of me in line. I sat for all of 45 seconds and then I was up! The guy working was jovial. Since I was already in the Washington system, it was just a matter of updating my info. Though I neglected to update my weight. Oh well. But yeah! It went super fast and painless. Just had to pay up and I got several tries at the photo. I look all dark haired and dark browed and pink lipsticked. Different from my brown reddish hair in my Cali license. Though I made a point to wear my same necklace and shirt in both photos. I wonder how long I can keep that look going?

I swung by QFC and got some food stuffs, including supplies to try this chicken crock pot recipe. Then back home I went! I got the chicken going and I did the watering of plants and some laundry and took it easy. Did some work from home. The chicken was buffalo chicken and I think I added too much sauce, or not enough chicken, but it shredded all right. Didn't eat it till the next day though.


Had a hard time getting out of bed because I was feeling down, but I eventually got up,

Ate some green beans and hash browns for breakfast with coffee. Watered plants and put put slug bait. I tied some strings to the green beans to get them to stretch up and over to the trellis. When they start clinging, I'll cut those lines. Just don't want them to flop on the ground, ya know?

Did some more work from home. Marcus came over for a visit. I heated up the shredded buffalo chicken and put it over rice and yum yum so good! Then we watched The Fifth Element, which he had never seen! And it was fun to watch it with someone who hadn't seen it, because I was able to see if with sort of fresh eyes because that movie was such a convergence of stars aligning in terms of actors and time and place, but also totally amazing what Luc Besson pulled off because his director track record is all over the place with some really not amazing movies. So yeah, that was fun!

Nice to have company and chat about things. Marcus is good for chatting.

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